Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Price Family


The sweet Price family was a joy to work with 🤗Andrew, Stephanie, and Davie go to our church, so it was fun to meet up with them for a session! Andrew helps out with our student ministry, and he is someone we greatly appreciate (and also Stephanie for letting him help us all the time).

For our session we met up at Durbin Preserve, and it ended up being so fun exploring around together! Though we had a cloudy morning to work with, the Price family was full of laughter and fun to make it all better. Davie was well behaved, and of course took full advantage of the times I told him to tickle his parents 😜I enjoy looking back through our photos and seeing the deep love Stephanie and Andrew have for their little boy!

Check out the sweet Price Family…


Price Family:

I had a blast with you all last Saturday! Thank you for hiking through the woods and making our session so much fun 🌲Even if we did get poked 1,000 time by sand spurs…you all were such great sports!

Until next time…

XOXO, Natalie

Jett Party of Six

Jett Family


Do you remember my friend Noell from Jett Set Farmhouse on Instagram? I have taken some photos of farmhouses for her blog…and it has been a blast! Naturally, when she approached me about doing a family session for her, I was thrilled ❤️The Jett family is full of love and so much life! Daniel, Noell, and their four children were such a sweet family to capture.

Noell did an amazing job with their color coordination- and not to mention those gorgeous blue, velvet chairs! I love when clients take the time to plan out all of the little details for our session…it always pays off 👌🏻 Thankfully Daniel was willing to carry those blue chairs ALL the way out to our perfect spot. He was the MVP!

We met in Rivertown for our session and it was perfect with the sun setting behind us ☀️All of the kids listened really well and were champs when it came to the heat (86 degrees in November?!). Daniel’s mom, Lynn, came in to help and she was an important person in our session. She actually helped by pointing a leaf blower at the kiddos 😜 Though it sounds crazy, believe it or not, it cured our sweatiness and blew the gnats away! One of the girls, Aisley, even decided to take a “model shot” with the leaf blower. It ended up being one of my favorite photos we took!

I hope you love these photos as much as I loved spending time with the Jett Family 🙌🏻



Jett Family:

Thank you so much for meeting me in Rivertown for our session! Also thank you for putting up with the heat- it was all worth it. You all were such a joy to work with!

Until next time…

XOXO, Natalie

Home Sweet Home

Paul Family


The Paul family was such a blast with work with 🙌🏻Amanda and Zach have two of the sweetest boys, Ethan and Lucas. They were so well behaved during our session, and I think they even had fun with it too! The Paul family had Eli and I over to their home for the shoot, and it was the perfect spot to take photos 🏡They actually fed Eli and I pizza and ice cream before and after we took pictures…which made this pregnant lady so happy! We truly enjoyed every minute spent with this family. They really know how to make us feel welcome in Jacksonville!

Like I said before..Ethan and Lucas listened so well and even had fun in our session. There was lots of tickling and hugging involved. When you scroll through the photos, you’ll see some that will melt your heart ❤️These boys truly love each other, and it was the sweetest thing in the world to capture on camera. I hope you fall in love with this family like I have!

Meet the Paul Family…


Zach, Amanda, Ethan, and Lucas:

Thank you all for having Eli and I over to your home, and for making the photo session so fun! We enjoyed spending that evening with you, and look forward to many more to come.

XOXO, Natalie

Embracing the Fall

hunts, millers, and baileys


Meet the Hunts, Millers, and Baileys ❤️Their session was the last one I had while in Indiana, and I couldn’t have picked a better family to end the week with! This is another family that is near and dear to my heart- so of course it was lots of fun to catch up and spend time with them that day. The last time we had a family session, Lola was not in the picture yet, and it was summer time…much warmer than this time 🌬Our last shoot together was in Portland, IN (their hometown) so it was neat to change the scenery and have our shoot in Bloomington.

For this fall session we met at Karst Farm Park, a.k.a. my old stomping grounds. I have had plenty of sessions there in the past, so it was good to be back! This day was pretty chilly but everyone handled it really well…especially Lola! They did an amazing job picking out their color scheme and being prepared with extra layers of blanket scarves. I was impressed! 🙌🏻

You’ll see through the photos that we all had a good time…although there’s one photo you won’t want to miss. Many sessions with children usually involve some adults in the background that will do anything to get them to smile 😂Make sure you look out for this hilarious moment below!

Introducing the Hunts, Millers, and Baileys…


Hunts, Millers, Baileys:

As always, it was such a blast to spend time with you all. Eli and I love you guys and miss you all the time! Thank you for making our session extra special and for getting me that pumpkin spice latte extra hot 🍁Counting down the days until we get to see you again.

XOXO, Natalie

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