A Sentimental Family Affair

The Helton Wedding

This wedding was very near and dear to my heart. A sentimental family affair ❤️ Eli and I met with the Middleton Family in Terra Haute, Indiana to celebrate the union of Abby and David ✨

Abby and David are true high school sweethearts 💕 They have been together since their freshman year and the love between them is nothing short of beautiful. “Refreshing,” was the word Eli and I kept using. They were so excited their day was finally here and they couldn’t wait to get married. The wedding venue was extra sentimental to the bride. Abby’s face lit up as she explained her parents and grandparents were married at this same spot.  She decorated the church and the reception so beautifully for the season 🌻 Mums, lanterns and sunflowers, all the details were so fun.

This truly was a family affair. Even the wedding party was filled with siblings and cousins It was just great to get all of our family together to celebrate and welcome David into the family.

Enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Helton’s special day…


It was such an honor to get to photograph your special day ✨ Love you both! 

XOXO, Natalie