A Balloon Party With Easton

Easton Deeds

In the middle of my final milestone session with baby, excuse me, big boy Easton, he ran over and gave me a hug… swoon ❤️ My favorite part of these milestone sessions is cultivating a relationship with these sweet littles and watching them grow a mile a minute each time we meet.

I met Easton and his family on a beautiful fall day and had so much fun capturing their snuggles, giggles and Easton’s love of balloons. Oh my those balloons…he couldn’t get enough 😍🎈

Do you all remember baby Fitz?? Well these two are best buddies who were born with in a week of each other. What a sweet deal, having friends who share in this crazy fast year with your baby boys 💙

Enjoy Easton and his beautiful family…


Goodbye for now sweet Deeds family. Let’s plan our next “get together” soon 😉

XOXO, Natalie