Kicking It With Tyler

Tyler Strickland 

I met another one of our senior reps on his turf this week ⚽️ It was the first of two sessions we are shooting but I couldn’t wait to show this round until after we finish the second.

Tyler is the tallest on Edgewood’s soccer team. His photographer was standing tall at 5’ 4” so it was lucky Eli was there to assist. I had to get on his back piggyback style to take a few of the photos 😜

Tyler’s mom Tanya joined in on the fun too! She was reminiscing about her baby boy loving to kick a ball as soon as he could run. Now Tyler is wrapping up his senior soccer season and wrapping up high school all together 🎓

I had such a great time with these two and cannot wait for next time!


Cannot wait for our next session! See you there.

XOXO, Natalie