Cake Smashing with Fitz

Schaeffer Family 

It has been a whole six months since I have seen baby Fitz! He went from barely sitting up to running everywhere…and I mean everywhere 😉 This guy has great hair and the cutest little teeth. He is always happy and he sure gives his mommy and daddy joy ✨

Jeremy and Mandy joined in for family photos at the beginning. Fitz was all smiles and super giggly. The shots we got were just perfect. When Mandy got him all set up with his cake the real fun began 🎂 Fitz was just so adorable with his cake smash. He was experiencing it in his own unique way. Running up to the cake, touching it and then running away again. Running up again, grabbing the candle and taking off again. He finally tasted it he immediately decided to share with mommy and kept feeding it to her 😍 The most selfless bday boy.

I love the shots we got at the end of the original two Schaeffers ❤️


I won’t get to see this sweet family for another six months. I cannot wait to see all the changes in that little guy 

XOXO, Natalie