An Evening With The Nortons

The Norton Family 


Natalie and I get mistaken for each other often. We share the same church family, the same passion for photography and…the same name 😉 I don’t hate being confused for this amazing lady.

The Norton’s met me in my neighborhood where we tracked down some pretty great spots. It was so exciting to be able to collaborate with my photographer friend. She is so creative and did such a perfect job putting together her and Aaron’s outfits and all three of their gorgeous children. That sunglow looks amazing but it wasn’t giving us much warmth on this chilly evening. We knocked these shots out quickly and may I say… so effortlessly with these naturals ❤️ I love that we were also able to get some new headshots of Natalie with her camera. Isn't she stunning?? 

Enjoy my good friend, Natalie and the rest of the beautiful Norton family…


How fun is it to get to share this passion with such a great friend…I hope you love these! I sure do…and I love you too 😊 

XOXO, Natalie