A Peaceful Morning At The Falls

Alayna Matavuli


After the October rush I could not have chosen a more perfect session than my time with Alayna ✨ We were thrilled how beautiful of a morning it turned out to be. I soaked in the peaceful sound of the falls and loved the backdrop it gave us for this gorgeous girl...

Alayna was a natural in front of the camera and it didn’t hurt that her sister Lilly tagged along.  She kept making her laugh and was just the perfect assistant. Also...that hat 😍😍😍 We had so much fun with it and all of her fun outfit choices. 

Alayna is part of our Youth Group and that makes for such an extra special session. We are sure going to miss her when she graduates and heads off to IUPUI next fall.

Enjoy the beautiful, Alayna…


Isn't she stunning?? I hope you love these as much as I do!

XOXO, Natalie