An Intimate Winter Wedding

Megan + Danny 


In the small town of Popcorn, Indiana, at a sweet little white church, Danny promised big things to Megan and her three littles. Making the family they already are, official ❤️ It was beautiful day!

Megan and Danny wanted an intimate gathering for their big day and that’s just what it was. Parents, Grandparents, siblings…Eli and I actually know the groom’s brother. He was the DJ at our wedding and his wife was one of my bridesmaids. How fun is that?? Eli was my assistant for this one and we were thrilled to get to catch up with old friends.  

Eleanor, Lucy and Judah were a dream. All so sweet and up for all the photos. They especially liked the cowboy boot shot. Danny is a true cowboy and I love how they all got in on the fun.

Enjoy the ever so sweet Clark family…


Thank you for letting me a part in your special day! What a beautiful family you are...

XOXO, Natalie