Home Sweet Home

The Doig Family 


The Doig family is new to Bloomington so I thought it would be fun to choose a townie spot to capture this new chapter in their lives. We met at the Rainbow Bakery and I am so in love with all the shots we got.

Imagine a husband and wife who are crazy about each other and they have a son and daughter who are best friends…no this isn’t a fairy tale, it’s the Doig Family’s real life. They were so comfortable and laid back, goofed around and loved on each other. 

Cody is in our youth group and Kaylee is joining us for Passion this year. I have loved getting to know both of them and love having them in our group. 

Enjoy the beautiful Doig Family… 


This might be a new home for you, but I can tell you family is your home ❤️ Such a beautiful loving family! Until next time...

XOXO, Natalie