Griffy Turns One

I can NOT believe Griffin Pedersen just turned one year old! I'm so thankful that all of my friends are having beautiful babies right now in this time of life- especially when I get the opportunity to photograph them 😍 They make photo sessions super special because I am able to watch their baby grow through every stage and every milestone. Griffy did such a great job with his session yesterday, ON his actual Birthday (President's Day)! Just check out his adorable baby curls, big blue eyes, and cute TOMS 😘!

One of my favorite parts of this session...was the fact that you can see the love Griffin has for his parents! There are a few photos that I caught a glimpse of how interacting with his mom and dad gave him THE biggest smiles ever ❤️ Love the bond they share! Also..don't you love his sweet baby human walk?! We thought he MIGHT be big enough for bleachers..but not quite yet! Still need help from mom and dad 😉.

Fun little fact behind this theme: Griffy's daddy was an awesome baseball player that even played on a college team for a division one school. SO knowing that makes this baseball themed birthday even more special! They even had a baseball from Scott's first home run as a kid- so neat!

Going into a cake smash with a one year old, you always wonder how they are gonna react. Well Griffy had a big birthday day at the zoo and got quite tired! Cake smash didn't last long, but he sure was cute playing in the icing 🎂

Happy First Birthday, Griffin! Your Aunt Natalie Loves you so much! 

XOXO, Natalie