Taylor and Lottie

 I hold this girl so near and dear my heart. Taylor and I first met as freshmen at Johnson Bible College. Even though she transferred to go to cosmetology school, we have kept in touch ever since! Taylor actually introduced my husband, Eli, and I in college...which means I am forever indebted to her! ;) Seven years of friendship, so many memories together and so many more to come! 

This visit with Taylor was extra special because I was able to meet her precious pup, Lottie (swoon)! Lottie is the sweetest puppy, and as you can see, she looks like a teddy bear that you want to snuggle with forever. We took a walk along a river in Newburgh, IN and took these gorgeous shots. The beautiful weather had so many people out and we had to constantly stop for people to love on Lottie! 

I wanted to sneak you home with me, Lottie! I'll just have to settle for another visit so soon! 

XOXO, Natalie