Jade Senior Session

Well guys, Jade did it again…she rocked her spring senior session! We took some of her photos in the fall and I had just as much fun with this spunky gorgeous girl 😘

We took advantage of the spring beauty and hit up some trusty spots as well as some new ones…I love this time of year and all the gorgeous colors. Luckily Karst Farm Park always is trustworthy to find some pretty blooming trees! 

We definitely ended this girl's session with a bang (just like the fall session). I decided to start calling her Mermaid Jade- which made us crack up! Especially since I thought she looked like Ariel coming out of the water. Jade was bold with photos in the rain last fall and this time being willing to get all the way into the creek...with her dress on. Mermaid Jade is a trooper 💪🏻! 

Jade, you are a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart…enjoy this time! 

XOXO, Natalie