Lucas and Mommy

I had the pleasure of spending my evening with Lucas and his mommy. What a gorgeous evening it was ☀️ I haven’t seen this sweet family for a few months but look how much he has changed already!

Lucas is nine months new and sure loves his mommy. The details of this shoot are my favorite...little toes, sweet smiles, and his bright blue eyes looking at his mommy the way he does...melt my heart! We even got a fun shot of Lucas investigating the grass 😜 I am sure Lauren got to celebrate mother's day last year with sweet Lucas in her belly getting ready to meet his mommy face to face...but I bet this year will be even sweeter!

I love these great shots we got of Lauren and Lucas! She is his world and I am sure he is hers as well ❤️

Thank you for spending the evening with me! I hope you enjoy these sweet shots as much as I do!

XOXO, Natalie