The Road to Salt Lake City


Last month Eli and I took a dreamy two-week vacation. It was good for our marriage, good for our mental health and just a really good time! This trip evolved from us taking Eli’s brother (who lives in SLC) some stuff he had left behind in Indiana, to a two week long adventure starting at a Kansas City Royals game (Eli’s pick) and ending with us beach bumming it in San Diego (my pick), California. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

This post is dedicated to our first leg of the trip. My hope is that the photos I captured will inspire you to travel, if not to Salt Lake City, Utah, than somewhere…so that you can feel as refilled and charged as I do after our trip of a lifetime! 


Day 1

After packing up the rental car, we hit the road and drove 6 and ½ hours to Kansas City. Like I said, we had to hit up a Kansas City Royals game while passing through. Eli’s goal is to fan it up at every MLB stadium in the country. We watched the Royals eke out a win over the White Sox with a final score of 5-4 😜


Guys, if you haven’t noticed by now, ice cream is kind of my thing. Since Eli picked a baseball game, I thought it only fair that I get to choose our next stop…Andy’s Custard did not disappoint ❤️🍦 



Day 2

7, maybe 8, more hours in the car and we stopped for the night in Denver…we will stay here longer next time. Such an alive and fun city…but in the interest of getting to our first destination, we walked around downtown a bit, ate a super yummy meal and hit the hay. We ran in to a lady at a rest stop who recommended Sam's No. 3 The famous green chili was super spicy and super good. It’s of the Food Network phenomenon, so you know it’s good!


Day 3, 4, 5 etc...

7 more hours, many more mountains, some deserty roads and we finally made in to Salt Lake City!

Our favorite Spots in Salt Lake City, Utah

Once we reached Eli's brother and his wife, Dru and Brooke, in SLC the real adventures began. I thought getting to Salt Lake City was fun, for the most part, and beautiful! How much more beauty was there really going to be? Turns out, lots, and by lots I mean...well, just see for your self


We had the best tour guides in Dru and Brooke! Locals always know best. There is a big chance we wouldn’t have found these spots and I’m so grateful for all that we were able to do and see. The Williams live at Brighton resort in the winter. They love to snowboard with their friends...and I can't wait to join them someday! But during the summer they still like to go and enjoy all the greenery on their once snow covered mountains. They drove us to the top and it was my first experience with a high altitude. I could hardly breath which probably had a lot to do with the difference in oxygen levels but might have had a little to do with God’s creation that was surrounding me…wow, you have to see it for yourself…I’m telling you. 



This is where the Sound of Music was filmed! Okay, maybe that was somewhere in Austria but it totally could have been filmed here. Alta is right near SLC and is in the Wasatch Mountain range and is home to the Crecret Lake. Picturesque mountain range surrounding big open fields filled with so many wild flowers…reliving this now as I look at the pictures…It was nothing short of breath taking.


Mirror Lake

Every time Dru and Brooke took us to another gorgeous spot, and we would ooohh and ahhhh and Oh my Goodness…they would always say, “yeah, but I can’t wait for your to see the Uintas,” or “you think this is pretty, just wait for Uintas.”

Their hype did not fall short. The highest elevation of 10,000 some feet, our breath was literally taken away by the beauty here. Mirror lake is situated in the Uinta mountain range. On our last night we decided to camp at Mirror lake and take it in a bit more. We laid in our hammocks along the lake side, hiked to a ton of waterfalls and even went paddle boarding. It was so amazing. 


I thought it would be fun to end this super long but fun blog post with an exciting announcement about Mather’s Photography! Aside from being an amazing tour guide, Eli’s brother Dru is also is an exceptional videographer and has his own production company 43 Productions I had the opportunity to collaborate with him to create a commercial for MP...I’m so excited for the weeks to come when I get to share it with you! We shot a beautiful engagement session downtown SLT while he filmed it…you can find that session here

I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into our vacation of a lifetime! I cannot wait to tell you about the rest of it next week 

XOXO, Natalie