Finley 8 Months

I took Eli along as my assistant to photograph our niece on a sunny day at Karst Farm Park. Finely is a whole 8 months old now and has two smitten parents. Alex and Cara dressed their sweetie in a perfect lacy onsie and topped her off with a pink bow 🎀 

Finely is so full of joy, but it didn’t hurt that Eli was throwing funny faces and silly sounds to get a few great smiles out of her. She flashed us her two teeth that are coming in and I’m not sure I’ve seen a cuter smile with such few teeth 💕

Enjoy our niece and her beautiful parents…oh and I think I threw one in there with her auntie…couldn’t help myself 😉


I love you sweet girl! See you soon...

XOXO, Aunt Natalie