A Short and Oh So Sweet Family Session

Purtlebaugh Family 

We had a perfectly short and oh so sweet session with the Purtlebaugh family, yesterday evening. For my Bloomington people, did you notice how gloomy and dark it was all day?? We were blessed with a break in the clouds and wound up with these beautiful shots ☀️

When I say short, I mean I met them in my neighborhood and hiked down the street and up into some tall grass and yellow weeds 🌾Something as simple as that turned into these beauties 😍 

I told Trina I would just scream if I saw a snake…I think I freaked her out a little but you can’t tell 😉 These boys are so fun and precious and I just love any chance I get to see them ❤️

Enjoy the Purtlebaughs…


Thanks for being so brave, Trina 😉 I’m so glad no snakes made a cameo. I hope you all love these as much as I do 😍