That time I fell in love with San Diego, California

If you read our first leg of this trip, you’re probably wondering how there could be enough material for another post…just wait! From Utah, Eli and I flew into Las Vegas, hit up the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon and finished off the last bit (8 hours actually) of driving arriving in San Diego, CA.  After experiencing such beauty in Colorado and Utah I didn’t know if my senses could take any more, but some how I managed 😉 I hope you enjoy seeing our favorite spots and shots from our time in Nevada and Cali…

Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon


When we flew into Las Vegas from Utah we thought we would take a peak of the strip but after waiting for over an hr at the rental car company we knew we had to hurry to make it to our two stops that day.

The Hoover Dam was so cool…huge and amazing that our country built that. It was like 110 degrees outside so we didn’t stay long, just enough time to take it in. We also had to hurry to our next stop before the sun went down. We booked it and made it just in time to watch the sun setting over the Grand Canyon ❤️❤️❤️ There are not quite the right words to describe the beauty. It took our breath away. I am in awe of our creator. God made that..that big beautiful sight he made and he is even bigger than that. We had heard about a cliff off the canyon named Mathers cliff. We found it and had to kiss on it 😘

At this point we were starving and found Yippee-ei-o Steakhouse. It was delicious and just what we needed 🍴

San Diego, California 


From the moment we arrived in San Diego, I fell in love. Eli and I got to dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time for both of us that first evening. It was hard not to compare it to my home in Florida. It was everything I love about Florida but more…better in a way. The weather was different, no humidity…and in addition to the beauty of the sandy beach and ocean there were mountains everywhere 😍

We rented the cutest bungalow on VRBO in Ocean Beach. After all the traveling we had done, it was so nice to just sit on the beach, listen to the waves and watch the surfers. We also ventured over to a little place called, In-N-Out Burger. You might have heard of it 😉 It was cheap and delicious and everything we thought it would be 😜

We definatley got our beach bumming in over the next few days but we also had some adventuring to do. Here were our favorite spots…

Petco Park 

If you read our last post you might have guessed we had to hit up a Padres game. Another MLB stadium to knock off of Eli’s bucket list. Eli had a blast and I did too. Petco Park is downtown so we got to explore a little before the game. The stadium was awesome, and cute…if you could call a stadium cute? It had a ton of brick and the atmosphere was just a blast. It was a beautiful night for a baseball game ⚾️❤️ 


La Jolla 


We loved La Jolla. We layed around on the beaches a little but this was more of an adventurous spot. Cliff climbing and seal and sea lion watching were the highlights. It was so fun to see a bunch of them hanging out on the beaches. We also found the cutest ice cream truck and felt like kids again as we ate our popsicles on the side of the road 😍

Sunset Cliff


These photos speak for themselves. Some of my favorite from our entire trip 💕 We met up with an old friend from Tampa. She actually grew up with my sister in law. Lindsay showed us around Sunset cliff. These were literally the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen. I love getting to look at these photos and reminisce of that beautiful night. Thanks for sharing this spot with us Lindsay! 

Mission Bay 


Mission Bay Park was the best way to end our two-week adventure. It is exactly how I pictured Cali. The boardwalk with all the people and restaurants., Belmont Park complete with arcades and putt-putt golf (Eli kicked my butt though), Roller coasters and a carousel. We finished off the evening with the best fish tacos and watched our last California sunset ❤️


I hope you have enjoyed a closer look at our trip and it inspires you to plan your next adventure! It has been fun to blog about something a little different and to get to take my camera to new and exciting places!

See you soon

XOXO, Natalie