An Evening Full Of Laughter

Nicholas Weaver 

I met up with one of our senior reps this week to do his personal shoot. Nick and his mom met me downtown and we ventured on campus and down Kirkwood. The weather was beautiful and the company was hilarious.

I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard during a session. Nick and Angie were cracking jokes the whole time…Angie was awesome at getting him to laugh for good shots. Nick poked fun at how the girl senior reps got to throw water in the air…so he tired it. He also decided to jump out behind trees and scare people and at one point on campus, Nick said, “I should ask a random person to get in one of these photos with me.” So he did. That girl was a good sport 😉 Nick can’t wait for his photos...he plans to make that one his phone background 😉

In addition to making me laugh all night, Nick was so easy to work with. He was game for anything and super laid back. I had such a fun evening with the Weavers.

I think these photos completely capture Nick and his humor. Enjoy the hilarious Nick Weaver…


Lots of smiles and were a joy to work with!

XOXO, Natalie