Move Over Elsa

Kacy Poore


Move over Elsa, the new snow queen is here…Kacy is as stunning as she is brave in this amazing winter wonderland session.

Just look at that lady in red ❤️ Kacy has been a dedicated assistant to Mathers Photography for some time now. She is an amazing contributor to this business and an equally amazing friend. Kacy ventured over to my house when the roads weren’t that great…hiked out in the snow wearing her prom dress (that she still fits in 😉) wore no coat or gloves…and didn’t complain once. She bundled up a little to wrap up the session in that gorgeous vintage mink fur. Kacy’s grandmother wore that wrap once upon a time and it made for a special detail of the day.

If you are a senior and want to be as crazy as Kacy…message me and we will make your snowy dream come true…


The cold never bothered her anyway 😉 

XOXO, Natalie