The Future Mr. and Mrs. Clark

Sophie + Zach 


I just met Sophie and I feel like we could have be friends for years. She loves Target runs and TJ Maxx…that’s automatic best friend material. Sophie is marrying the man of her dreams come July and I can hardly wait!

If you follow me on social media at all you know I am not a fan of winter and that Florida blood runs deep in my veins. We went searching for some beauty since there hasn’t been much snow the last week or so and found the best spots! I just love the ones with the red covered bridge...and those falls 💕 Sophie and Zach cozied up in their blanket and the sound of the water made for some romantic moments.

I am ring shot obsessed and am particularly in love with these 💍 I went exploring around the falls and found some pebbles and shells. Among them was the prettiest little turquoise rock. I snapped the shots and then showed them to Sophie who let out a squeal! Turquoise is her favorite color…I love the shot even more now.   

Enjoy the future, Mr. and Mrs. Clark….oh...and their Ruby pup too! 🐶😍


Enjoy all the planning and dreaming! See you love birds in July ☀️

XOXO, Natalie