Embracing the Fall

Bailey family


This session was the perfect one to kick off my Indiana sessions last week! The Bailey family is so special to Eli and I…they are like family to us ❤️We have missed them terribly since our move to Florida, so this was such a nice way for me to catch up with them.

We have done fall sessions every year, and it has been fun to make it a tradition 🍂In the past we have taken photos around their home, but this year was a little different. They have neighbors who own a gorgeous porch that is perfectly decorated with little pumpkins and mums. Of course Jill asked them if we could use their porch for our session 😂Thankfully they were okay with it, because the porch worked out great for us!

Once you check out our session, you’ll see the big “reveal” at the end. Eli and I are thrilled because baby Bailey is due a day before our baby!! We can’t wait for baby Mathers to have a bestie or future spouse 😉We love the Baileys!

I hope you enjoy the Bailey family’s 2018 fall session…


Bailey Family,

I love you all so much and enjoyed our time together. Counting down the days until we get to see you next!

XOXO, Natalie