Celebrating Rowan

Doebler Family


Remember the adorable Doebler family from last April?! We had another session recently, and this time, we got to celebrate Rowan’s first birthday 🎂And like before…Rowan was just as precious as the last time we took photos!

For this fall session, we were able to walk around the Bailey’s house and even use their neighbor’s porch again for more photos. The Doeblers were complete troopers because even though they were dressed for fall, it felt more like summer outside ☀️Despite the heat and not having a nap yet, I was impressed with how Rowan smiled the whole time.

It’s always neat to see how much a baby has changed within just a few months! Rowan still had the same sweet smile and blue eyes from last time, but was now more interactive and could walk on his own. One of my favorite moments from the session was when he was sitting in that white chair on the porch. We all laughed as he gave us a wave…it reminded us of an old man sitting there reading the paper 😂

I hope you enjoy seeing this photo session as much as I enjoyed spending time with the Doeblers!


Jessica, Brandon, and Rowan,

I had a blast with you all during our photo session together! I’m thankful that I was able to watch Rowan change over this past year. Thank you for melting in the heat for the shoot, because I think it was worth it ❤️Until next time…

XOXO, Natalie