Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Price Family


The sweet Price family was a joy to work with 🤗Andrew, Stephanie, and Davie go to our church, so it was fun to meet up with them for a session! Andrew helps out with our student ministry, and he is someone we greatly appreciate (and also Stephanie for letting him help us all the time).

For our session we met up at Durbin Preserve, and it ended up being so fun exploring around together! Though we had a cloudy morning to work with, the Price family was full of laughter and fun to make it all better. Davie was well behaved, and of course took full advantage of the times I told him to tickle his parents 😜I enjoy looking back through our photos and seeing the deep love Stephanie and Andrew have for their little boy!

Check out the sweet Price Family…


Price Family:

I had a blast with you all last Saturday! Thank you for hiking through the woods and making our session so much fun 🌲Even if we did get poked 1,000 time by sand spurs…you all were such great sports!

Until next time…

XOXO, Natalie