Janna and her Boys

Deckard Family


The Deckard family was due for new family photos and it was important to mom, Janna, to get that done. The boys, on the other hand, took some coaxing to agree with us. I met with the family at their house on a chilly misty day, but in spite of all of that, the boys showed up for mom and were great sports!

In addition to the Deckard family, two of the boys’ girlfriends came along and were the real MVP’s of the shoot. They helped with getting some great smiles out of all the boys and stand in the freezing rain too. Everyone warmed up and got into it 💃🏼Two of the boys, Lane and Dylan, even brought their dogs to the shoot as well.

My favorite spot of the day has to be the one with the whole family all close and personal ❤️ Such a beautiful family with five boys who love their Janna!

Enjoy the Deckard family…


Great job Deckard family! I think in spite of the weather we got some excellent shots!

XOXO, Natalie