Home Sweet Home

Paul Family


The Paul family was such a blast with work with 🙌🏻Amanda and Zach have two of the sweetest boys, Ethan and Lucas. They were so well behaved during our session, and I think they even had fun with it too! The Paul family had Eli and I over to their home for the shoot, and it was the perfect spot to take photos 🏡They actually fed Eli and I pizza and ice cream before and after we took pictures…which made this pregnant lady so happy! We truly enjoyed every minute spent with this family. They really know how to make us feel welcome in Jacksonville!

Like I said before..Ethan and Lucas listened so well and even had fun in our session. There was lots of tickling and hugging involved. When you scroll through the photos, you’ll see some that will melt your heart ❤️These boys truly love each other, and it was the sweetest thing in the world to capture on camera. I hope you fall in love with this family like I have!

Meet the Paul Family…


Zach, Amanda, Ethan, and Lucas:

Thank you all for having Eli and I over to your home, and for making the photo session so fun! We enjoyed spending that evening with you, and look forward to many more to come.

XOXO, Natalie