Let Them Play

Fitz Schaeffer 


I blinked and it was time for Fitz’s last milestone session. I have loved watching this boy grow these last eighteen months and his last session had to be my favorite!

I met Mandy, Jeremy and Fitz on campus last night. I have to give credit to the Schaeffer’s. Both Mandy and Jeremy are Purdue alum so it was a little tough for them to step foot and do our session on their top rival’s campus. We avoided getting the Sample Gates or anything else iconic in the photos 😉 But my goodness, campus was beautiful. The trees are blooming and they have planted such beautiful flowers everywhere. Not to mention the sun was shining and it’s finally starting to warm up a bit around here.

I have been loving these sessions where we just let the kids play. There is so much value in this. Capturing Fitz doing what he loves to do, play, will mean so much and remind parent’s what his favorite things were at this age. Fitz is a runner, his favorite trick is “on your mark, get set…GO!” And that’s what he did during our session. We followed Fitz throughout campus. He investigated the daffodils and we even had time for two of his favorite activities, balls and bubbles.

What a wonderful start to the Spring season it has been! Enjoy the Schaeffers…


I have enjoyed this journey with you, Schaeffer family! Don't make it too long before our next hang out 😊

XOXO, Natalie