Playing In The Rain With Alayna

Alayna Matavuli 



Every once in awhile a session in the rain is a must, especially when you are working with the beautiful Alayna 💜 I met Alayna at Olcott Park and she had a variety of the cutest spring outfits for a variety of spots we found.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed on my story we had an entourage. Alayna’s sister Lily, her Mom and her friend Mallory all came to “assist” 😉 They made it so much fun and we had a blast. It was misting a lot of the time but Alayna brought her cute umbrella and I brought one as well. I love the ones of her walking through the puddle! We had hopes of doing a smoke bomb and it turned out so awesome!

Alayna is all set and ready to go to IUPUI in the fall, close enough to home if she needs mom and dad, but far enough away to start her independence!

Enjoy the beautiful, Alayna! The camera loves her... 


I had so much fun with this shoot! I wish I could meet you girls every time it rains ☔️

XOXO, Natalie