A Chilly Stroll Through Campus

Maggie Holdeman


IU graduation is coming up quick! I got to meet with Maggie last week to take some cold but beautiful senior shots on campus. Indiana seems to keep changing the seasons on us. 

I got to work with Maggie’s younger sister, Grace when she graduated high school. It was fun to hang out with another Holdeman and hear about some exciting things to come. She is heading to medical school after graduation but has plans to travel out west and abroad this summer. The start of an exciting next chapter. 

Maggie wore this adorable dress in the freezing cold and didn’t complain once. We laughed and explored campus together. IU had planted some pansies at the sample gates and we found some blooming trees and daffodils 🌼 

Enjoy the beautiful, Maggie...


Thank you for being such a trooper in the cold, Maggie! Good luck with your upcoming finals. I cannot wait to see all the photos from your upcoming trips! 

XOXO, Natalie