10 Reasons Why You Need a Second Shooter

My Favorite Assistant


Over the past year and a half, I have felt pretty lucky to have an assistant like Kacy Poore in my life! I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this blog post to her, since she has truly perfected the art of second shooting and assisting. Not only have we worked well together, but I consider her one of my closest friends, too! 

Just a heads up...the last few facts might be some advice to readers that are interested in being a second shooter, from Miss Kacy herself

Here are 10 Reasons Why you need a Second Shooter:

1. Plenty of Images to deliver to the bride: This first fact is a beautiful one! I love that we are able to offer the bride and groom extra photos from their wedding day. While I focus on the main events going on in the day, my second shooter always searches for meaningful candid shots and the emotion going on throughout the day. 


2. Extra Hands: The truth of the matter is, you are only ONE person. There are only so many things you can do on a wedding day. I love being able to help grab things and help the bride with her dress, but sometimes it is nice to have an extra person around to help. Often times, if someone forgot to grab the bouquets, Kacy immediately says "I'll run and get them!". I cannot tell you how much pressure that takes off my shoulders- especially because a wedding day can be exhausting! 


During one of the weddings, we had to shoot bridal party portraits under a porch because it was raining cats and dogs outside. While the bridal party was under the awning, Kacy and I had to be out in the torrential downpour to get the perfect angle for shots! I was SO thankful to have Kacy there for help. She held the umbrella for us as we both still got soaked. I was super relieved to have safe, dry camera equipment that day 😜!

3. Learning Experience for Beginners: I could read all of the photography books in the world, but I personally learn best when I am out on the job and practicing. When you are a second shooter, you are able to ask the main photographer questions and learn first-hand how they handle certain situations. 


4. Friendship: Throughout these many weddings worked together, Kacy and I have become so close! We have gone through so much; Whether it is surviving crunch time at a wedding, laughing and having fun at a reception, or even having deep talks in our down time. I love having Kacy to hang out with on wedding days!

5. Traveling Buddy: When you book a wedding out of town, traveling can be quite lonely! Especially when you decide to drive home late at night. It's always nice to have someone there to navigate your GPS or keep you awake with dance parties in the car!

6. Good for the face of your business: This is HUGE. I cannot tell you how many times Kacy has befriended the bride/groom, bridal party, or even guests. This always is a positive representation of Mathers Photography- and I am really thankful. People will always refer their friends to you when they enjoy their experience with you and your assistant. 

7. Backup incase something goes wrong: Going into a wedding day, there is bound to be something that doesn't go the way you planned. If you ever have a camera malfunction, your second shooter is always a great back up! Once in a while you might need a potty break (I have a small bladder), and your second shooter can cover for you while you are gone! 

Now for some Tips from Kacy

8. Be on Guard to Help: Always be on the lookout to help the main photographer and the wedding party with anything they need. Keep in mind you are not there to just take photos. Hold doors open, carry equipment, bouquets, trains, jackets and anything else you notice. 

9. Get to know the bridal party: Part of the photographer's job is providing a fun experience so make sure you contribute. Help them if needed, joke around with them and make sure you are just as excited for the wedding as they are!  


10. Don't forget to have fun! Be sure to dance and never ever pass up an opportunity to eat cake! 

Now that you got some great tips and an insight on how much I love Kacy Poore, I thought that you would like a sneak peek into our fun photo shoot the other day! I'm so thankful to have this friend in my life 💕

Enjoy the beautiful Kacy...


I hope you feel confident in the decision to hire an assistant/second shooter for your wedding day help!

Kacy, thank you for being the best 😘

XOXO, Natalie