Hattie's Family

The Whelans and Roedls 


While editing this family session I couldn’t get over how much it looks like a summer shoot! Cue the celebration music ☀️ 🎉 I had such a blast with the Whelans and the Roedls on campus over the weekend!

Hattie and her family were adorable as always and It was such a pleasure to meet the rest of Zoe’s family and get to capture them all. Hattie of course stole the show but Papa stole hers. She is a Papa’s girl for sure. I loved watching her interact with her whole family and the puppies! Every time a dog or puppy walked by during our shoot she got so excited and wanted to pet them.

Now that Hattie is two she has decided smiling on command isn’t her thing anymore. But after some dancing and tickling we got some great smiles. Enjoy the Whelans and Roedls!


Aren't they adorable?? Thank you all! I had a blast ❤️

XOXO, Natalie