All Grown Up

Cook Family 


I met with the Cook’s, who are part of our church family, to update their family photos. We met at Flat Woods park and got to enjoy how grown all the trees and plants are, so much green!

I am constantly being approached by Moms or Dads who say, “We NEED to get updated family photos, it’s been years." It’s easy to remember to get photos done for a special occasion or a milestone but it’s never the wrong time to update and document you and your family. Emily was one of those moms. She was excited to update photos with her now high-schooler and college student 

I had such a blast with the Cook family. I started telling my corny jokes and got Ben in on the fun. Emily texted me after the shoot and said that Ben was looking up more jokes on Youtube! I guess that means he had a good time at the shoot 😜.


Thank you for allowing me to update your family photos. It was such a blast!

XOXO, Natalie