My Original Models

The Schaedler Family 


If you keep up with me on social media at all, there’s a chance you’ve seen I’ve been soaking up the Florida sunshine as well as much need family time.  In between boat days, beach days and lots of niece days, I had to fit in a session with my original models. Nathan and Amanda have been my guinea pigs from the start of this journey so of course we always have to schedule a shoot when I’m in town.

I shared my excitement about doing more casual family photo shoots and the Schaedlers were game! It was So. Much. Fun. After a great boat day the girls were such troopers. We went to Apollo Beach and the wind was kind of fierce but we worked it out. We got intimate shots, playful shots, silly shots and more.

Even in the few months it’s been since I have seen them the transformation is crazy. The girls have changed in that short time and Nathan and Amanda have had a transformation of their own. They have made lifestyle changes to be healthier and it shows!

Don’t forget to scroll all the way through…some fun throwback comparisons are at the end 


This visit has been so perfect! You guys sure have a way of filling me up 💕 Love you all!

XOXO, Natalie