A Sunrise Coffee Date

Taryn Gilpin 


The first time Taryn and I ever hung out, just the two of us, was right after I moved to Bloomington. I was staying with her family until Eli and I got married a few months after we moved for our first ministry job. Taryn and I ran to the store and I don’t think that girl said one word. She was so shy and quiet when I first met her. During her session we had fun reminiscing about this and all of our other memories. Our friendship has grown so much and I have loved watching Taryn grow into the beautiful lady she is. And that is what she is, beautiful, inside and out!

We went downtown to take Taryn’s senior photos and her and her mom, Sandy got up at the crack of dawn. Well, before that actually so we could catch the sunrise downtown. I am always glad when we get up early for that perfect lighting. It never disappoints!

We went to the top of a parking garage, walked downtown and wound up finishing at the Pour House. Of course we turned it into a coffee/breakfast date and I’m so glad we did! More time to hang out with these two.

Every single clothing item that Taryn wore was adorable and also from TJ Maxx. I have to tag them here and think they would be silly not to use this gorgeous girl for some kind of ad.

Enjoy the beautiful, Taryn Gilpin…


Taryn, you are seriously a model!. But what's better is you are even more beautiful on the inside. Love you so much and all of our memories!

XOXO, Natalie