Welcome to Florida

Blanton Family 


Eli and I have been in Florida for about three weeks now, and we love it! Once we found out about our move, I instantly thought about how I would have to start over with my business and clientele. After some deep thought and faith, I decided to trust what God has had planned for us! Within the first week of us living down here an elder at the church, Lee, asked me if I would capture some family photos for him.  

Of course I was thrilled to book my first Florida photo shoot! Lee had his family coming to town this past weekend for a visit. Paul, Carrie, and Lenny live in San Fransisco...which was super fun to talk about! They gave me some tips on what to do when Eli and I visit San Fran one day 🙌🏻

This family was super sweet to work with and the love between them was evident. I'm sure you noticed the star of the show in the top image...Lenny! He is one year old and so adorable. He loved running around at our session and grew fond of my camera lens frog. Poor guy fell and scraped up his leg, but that didn't keep him down! 

Ladies and Gentleman, The Blanton Family... 


Blanton Family, thank you for making my first Florida session a blast! I hope you all enjoyed your family visit this last weekend. 

Until next time...

XOXO, Natalie