An Evening By the Harbor

Vecrumba Family 


Tara and Steve are a wonderful couple and wonderful parents to three wonderful kids. I have loved getting close to this family and am so excited to share this beautiful session with you!

Tara is a woman after my own heart. She always enjoys getting great photos and has trained her family well in posing and they all have taken after her on great style. I loved their outfits and they are always such naturals in front of the camera. We met at Paynetown and the weather turned out great! The sun was peaking through and gave us a beautiful sunset to wrap it up. I just love the photos we got by the water and with the boats behind them. It added some fun color.

You might recognize one of the family members from the last senior session I blogged. Ethan was a great sport and we were able to kill two birds with this family session and his senior photos in one evening. The girls did an outfit change at the end into these beautiful lace dresses. I have always loved watching these two and the special bond that they have. I have grown to feel almost like a third sister  

Enjoy the beautiful Vecrumba Family…


I am so thankful for this family! Some of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out. Love you all

XOXO, Natalie