Together at Last

Mr and Mrs Vandenheuvel


Jordan and Bailey are together at last ✨After living in different states this past year, it’s safe to say that these two were ready to finally be in the same place! The joy they had throughout the entire day was definitely contagious. Even though the summer heat was intense, they both still had smiles on their faces. It didn’t matter what craziness was happening around them..they were just excited to get married 💍💕

If I can sum up this whole day in one word, I would have to say it was: CLASSIC 🥂Between the beautiful venues, timeless details, and a classy bride; it was perfect. We started the day at the Hilton hotel on the University of Florida’s campus. I was so excited to see how adorable this hotel was with plenty of natural light - perfect for getting ready photos of the bridal party! Jordan and Bailey’s first look was one of my favorite parts of this day. The way Jordan reacted to seeing his bride will melt your heart 😭He could not stop talking about how beautiful Bailey looked. So sweet!

The ceremony was held at the Baughman Center…another beautiful place with natural light and tall ceilings 😍I loved that they didn’t have to do much decorating because the building itself was so gorgeous. Such a great spot! The reception was held at Sweetwater Branch Inn, another place that didn’t require a lot of decorating. There was a ton of beautiful greenery and lights strung around the outside, which made newlywed portraits fun 🌿

I think you’ll enjoy seeing the love between Jordan and Bailey through these photos ❤️The Lord blessed them with the best wedding day and it was an honor to be apart of it.

Introducing Mr and Mrs Vandenheuvel…


Here are some fun facts about Mr and Mrs Vandenheuvel!

How they met

Jordan’s side of the story: Bailey and I met in High School playing Tennis together. At the time, we thought each other were cute, but for some reason we were dummies and didn't start dating or even admit that we liked each other. How wrong were we?!? Now, fast forward 4 years, I see her at Church one weekend and I immediately think to myself, I have to date her. A whirlwind of dates later, and something was definitely brewing...

Bailey’s side of the story: Jordan and I knew each other back in high school from playing tennis! We reconnected on Christmas Eve when we ran into each other at church 4 years later and went on 6 dates in a span of a week or so after meeting! Jordan was leaving back for Tennessee, so we had to decide really fast whether or not we wanted to make this a serious thing, once we did we never looked back!

Proposal Story

It finally happened on our one year anniversary, December 26th. I got in the car with Jordan and it seemed like he was mad or upset or something. The whole drive he was super on edge and seemed awkward and not himself. Little did I know that he was going to propose. He did it on top of the Saint Augustine Lighthouse, and the moment I saw his sister with a camera I knew what was happening. It was crazy, but so exciting. We are so excited!

favorite date night

Jordan: My favorite date night with Bailey was when she came to visit me up in Knoxville. We went out and got Sushi and gelato after a long day of hiking and enjoying Tennessee. She looked absolutely amazing, even though she would say she didn't. :)

Bailey: My favorite date night is when we go get ice cream in downtown St. Augustine and walk around! We always end up watching a movie (or our dorky favorite Netflix pleasure, Great British Baking Show) for the rest of the evening.

something unique about your wedding day

We're getting married right across the street from where Jordan first surprised me at my on-campus apartment at UF! I lived there for two years and about 1 month after dating, Jordan drove 9 straight hours through the night to surprise me one morning. So it's cool that are venue is directly across the street from that kind of memory.

List of Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: Baughman Center, University of Florida

Reception: Sweetwater Branch Inn

Dress: Rachel Ann Bridal

Shoes: Badgely Mishka

Cake: Sugar Refined

behind the scenes

This day was special all around- Kacy and I were celebrating our three year friendship anniversary ❤️Exactly three years before this date, we shot our first wedding together! Since then we have shot about 15 weddings in multiple states…this was our first one at our new home 🙌🏻It’s crazy that when I approached her about Eli and I moving to Jacksonville, she said “Oh wait, me too!” I’m so thankful that God kept us together. Not only is she a great friend, but she is definitely the best assistant I could ever ask for!


Jordan and Bailey,

Thank you for allowing Kacy and I take part in this special day 💕You guys were such a joy to work with!! I hope you have the best time on your honeymoon and wish you the best of luck!

XOXO, Natalie