Welcome to the World Olivia

olivia poppy


Welcome to the world, Olivia Poppy 🌸The Roberts have added a sweet new addition, officially making their family a party of five!

There is a crazy backstory to my connection with the Roberts family - it really is such a small world! When Eli and I were in college, he had an internship during the summer of 2013 at a church in Franklin, TN. Lydia and Stephen attended the church at the same time, where Eli met them through a mutual small group 🤗I was blessed to visit during Eli’s internship and met Lydia and Stephen personally.

Fast forward 6 years later, as life would have it, we incidentally live only about 30 minutes from one another here in Florida 🌴We both even have a daughter named Eleanor! Since the Roberts were already blessed with a daughter and a son, they decided to be “surprised” with baby number three- Olivia “popped” out on August 19th, joining in all the fun! As you can tell in the photos..the whole family is smitten ❤️

Enjoy miss Olivia Poppy…


Dear Roberts Family,

I’m so excited that we live so close to one another! Thank you for letting me capture photos of your precious family 😘I was so excited when you contacted me for this photo session.

Olivia really is the sweetest addition!

Until next time…

XOXO, Natalie