Ethan + Kacy

Myrtle Grove | Savannah, GA

This session was quite literally a DREAM! Kacy and I have been friends for 6 years and have captured over 20 weddings together. It’s been such a JOY to finally celebrate her engagement with Ethan!! We may or may not have dreamed up this session before there was an actual ring on her finger 😉 I think it’s easy to see that it turned out better than we planned!

I was so excited when Kacy told me that her and Ethan wanted to drive up from Jacksonville for our session- There are endless possibilities here for photos! We started out at the gorgeous Myrtle Grove home in Richmond Hill, GA. Every square inch of that place is beautiful, so it feels like a treasure hunt when you have a session there. We also finally had a day without a cloud in the sky, so the sun came through the mossy trees perfectly!

After exploring the flowers, rod iron fences, and historical property, we made our way to Factor's walk in downtown Savannah. You wouldn't tell it from the photos- but Kacy was a trooper in the 40 degree weather! They quickly warmed up by celebrating with champaign. SUPER FUN! I was so pumped when Kacy showed me the vintage champaign glasses she found online. Aren't they so timeless?! We also were cracking up at nervous Ethan because he didn't want to get in trouble for spraying champaign all over the place. I told him...sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?! Hah!

It was a blast to watch their bliss through my camera and I’m so thankful to watch them get married in just a few months! Love these two 🤍

Makeup: Makeup by Cynthia Zambo

Champaign Glasses: Amazon Link

Black Dress: Amazon Link